The World’s Most Unusual Places

There are a lot of unknown places on our planet that still amaze the ones who attended them. These landscapes are so unusual that it easy to think that these are the corners of some other worlds, but not the Earth. The most surprising ones make us remember that our planet will never cease to astonish us with its beauty, giving us more and more mysteries to think about.

The most dry place on the Earth is the desert in Antarctica. There haven’t been any precipitation for the long period of more than several million years. The climate of this place is maximum close to the Mars one, that’s why this is a curious area for NASA. Here the space machines and devices are being tested and the wide research is being carried out. This is the single part of the land here which is not covered with the ice. There is however and underground lake in this desert with the extreme concentration of salt in its ice. In this ice there were found bacteria, which was a collateral evidence that there is life on the Mars.

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The list of men’s virtues that annoy women most of all

  1. Your resolve and eagerness to solve all her problems.

When she comes to you crying and telling you that her colleagues were rude to her all day, she had a fight with her friend or she tore her dress you shouldn’t start threatening her colleagues, trying to make peace between her and her friends. And please don’t even attempt to sew her dress up.

  1. Your vigorous scrupulousness and being obsessed with putting things in order.

Women would love to see her clothes wrapped in the wardrobe in case she put them there herself and if you are trying to help, you had better go take out the trash. It’s much better if you don’t sort her personal hygiene items out in the bathroom putting them in a straight row as well.

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Are women smarter than men?

To begin with I want to tell you an anecdote. Three pretty ladies are sitting in the cafe, talking about the theory of relativity. Three men enter the cafe.
One of the girls said “Quiet, girls! Let’s discuss sitcoms”.
Since my childhood, my parents persistently instilled in me that a woman could be considered a clever one when she knows how to keep the fact she’s clever to herself, and I just went crazy trying to figure out why I had to hide it when it was good. All my life I find out the articles in the newspapers or magazines that the scientists acknowledged the fact men are smarter than women. I have no idea how they managed to check it, and moreover their methods arouse suspicion. I think that an obvious fact needs no additional arguments and confirmations, and constant researches in this field suppose dubious quality. (Joking!)
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Ghost-Busters Tours: Top Mysterious Destinations

Do you remember creepy stories about monsters and ghosts that your mom used to tell you when you were a kid? Still excited about the myths and legends, poltergeists and phantoms, medieval spooky castles and fairy tales about the “undead”? Good news: you can witness the mystery in the framework of a regular tour! Europe is literally stuffed with old fortresses and mansions that are perpetually haunted by ghosts. Check the list of the scariest destinations for the real ghost busters below.


The legend about the Count Dracula is probably the most popular horror of all times. It is not a secret that the myth about a cruel vampire Count is based on real facts and has historical references. Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia (another known as Vlad The Impaler) was famous for his cruelty. According to the legends, he killed 100 000 people by impaling them on a sharp pole. His castle is located in Transylvania and welcomes tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), you won’t see the rows of torture’s blades and skeletons in chains hanging down from the ceiling. You will see his collection of weapons, medieval furniture and armors instead, which is not less fascinating. The castle of Dracula has a lot of underground tunnels and labyrinths that are very difficult to navigate, so don’t forget to follow the guide!

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Woman’s folly

I’ve started this blog not so long ago and up to now there’s a huge variety of topics interesting me greatly. But I’ve decided to begin with the most beautiful and controversial creatures in the world without whom life would be boring and flat. I’m talking about women.

I’ve always wondered why there are so many jokes about girls, why they call for a sincere smile and tend to be at some points naive and touching and at some points can make a perfect Fury. It’s just because we all, I mean every woman, have to combine lots of social functions every day together with our family duties and some thoughts that obsess our every minute…It’s hard to stay calm and have a stable pattern of behavior in such conditions, honestly. I know that! This stuff calls for numerous stereotypes widely spread among men of all ages on how women behave and on what they are devoted to. Here I’d like to give a top 5 of them.

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Why Ex Husbands Return

There are a lot of cases when an ex husband is back to the family after some time. We usually believe that returning to the past leads to nothing good at all as it is a step backwards which means absolutely no improvement in life. However husbands that earlier slipped away keep coming back. Why are they doing this? Is it possible to fix the broken relationship?

Some of us may go through such a situation when he is gone for good and after a while he is coming back. It is always really hard to forgive such a betrayal and it takes a lot of patience and understanding to do this.

Let us examine several possible reasons why the husband would go away.

  1. He just needs some time to reconsider his life and adjust priorities. Being alone for some time he is able to think it over and make decisions. Emotional crisis is an average thing that happens sometimes to mature men.

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Is it really possible change your lifestyle?

How often do you think about changing your lifestyle? How often does it happen to you to think that exactly next morning you would give up smoking, start new diet and finally go in for sports? Well, to tell the truth it happens to me often, very often. Almost every single time I go to bed I think about great changes in my life and everything I should do all these changes come true. Well, I ‘m a big dreamer and it is just impossible for me. But seriously time flies and it is well known that what is possible to do right now would be impossible or at least very difficult to accomplish in a year or two. Why we get used to procrastinate all the time and waste our precious invaluable time. Things got worse for me when I started to register in different social networks. Facebook, Twitter, G+ and many many others twist the knife. I know nothing has changed and nothing interesting I can find surfing networks, checking statuses of my friends, estimating pictures and photos of people I have never met and hardly meet one day. I became addicted to it and it turned to be an actual problem for me. I’m sure I’m not alone and there are many other people who suffer from this “social fever”. Anyway I’m sure that to get a result one should move step by step and one day you will finally notice changes in your life.

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