Is it really possible change your lifestyle?

How often do you think about changing your lifestyle? How often does it happen to you to think that exactly next morning you would give up smoking, start new diet and finally go in for sports? Well, to tell the truth it happens to me often, very often. Almost every single time I go to bed I think about great changes in my life and everything I should do all these changes come true. Well, I ‘m a big dreamer and it is just impossible for me. But seriously time flies and it is well known that what is possible to do right now would be impossible or at least very difficult to accomplish in a year or two. Why we get used to procrastinate all the time and waste our precious invaluable time. Things got worse for me when I started to register in different social networks. Facebook, Twitter, G+ and many many others twist the knife. I know nothing has changed and nothing interesting I can find surfing networks, checking statuses of my friends, estimating pictures and photos of people I have never met and hardly meet one day. I became addicted to it and it turned to be an actual problem for me. I’m sure I’m not alone and there are many other people who suffer from this “social fever”. Anyway I’m sure that to get a result one should move step by step and one day you will finally notice changes in your life.

Recently I came across pretty interesting and captivating article devoted exactly to the subject. It is devoted to the habits which would change your life. Well, some of them are just waste of time as it seems to me. But mostly they are very simple but extremely effective and helpful. It depends on a person of course, something what is good for me wouldn’t work in your case. Anyway I would like to share some tips which seem to be very good for many people. So let’s start!

Try to exercise every morning. I recommend you to start exercising at least 10 minutes a day, then you should do it for 15 minutes, then for 20 and so on. Be patient and do not give up. You will notice the result in a month or two and surely you will surprise how simple and effective it is.

Referring to health habits they advise sleep at least 8 hours. Our sleep influences our mood, our attitude and interactions with others. Don’t stay late surfing the Internet or watching TV otherwise these bad habits would cause stress and irritability next day.

As for your self-development then they advise to learn 5 foreign words every day. Well, it is obviously intended for those who are willing to improve their knowledge of foreign language.

Think positively. It is my favorite habit! It is known that the thought form and impacts your personality as well as relations with other people. Close to it there is a good advice to meditate every day. Well, meditation is relaxing and very effective for me when I feel tired or irritated after stressful day.

I recommend you to give up smoking and drinking strong alcohol also. I was a heavy smoker and it took me a lot to give up finally. Nowadays I feel myself much better and I’m not that addicted person who wanted to smoke another cigarette every single time. Undoubtedly you know it better.

So as you can see it is very simple. The only thing you are obliged to do is to keep doing it regularly and be patient. Finally you will gain what you want. So my answer is yes, it is possible to change your lifestyle!


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