Why Ex Husbands Return

There are a lot of cases when an ex husband is back to the family after some time. We usually believe that returning to the past leads to nothing good at all as it is a step backwards which means absolutely no improvement in life. However husbands that earlier slipped away keep coming back. Why are they doing this? Is it possible to fix the broken relationship?

Some of us may go through such a situation when he is gone for good and after a while he is coming back. It is always really hard to forgive such a betrayal and it takes a lot of patience and understanding to do this.

Let us examine several possible reasons why the husband would go away.

  1. He just needs some time to reconsider his life and adjust priorities. Being alone for some time he is able to think it over and make decisions. Emotional crisis is an average thing that happens sometimes to mature men.

  2. He is not okay with the marriage but having left the family he didn’t find anything better and came back by choosing the lesser of two evils. It is most probably not leading to anything good until you try to change some major aspects of the relationship. The problems won’t go away if the husband gets back this way.

  3. He is gone to another woman but understood that she is not really as good as you with regard to the marriage matters. For example you used to cook for him and she doesn’t and your former husband feels like it was much more comfortable for him when you were together and comes back to you. In this case he is most likely playing a consumer role and it’s kind of objectionable, so it’s up to you to let him back or not.

  4. A spouse is back forced by his sense of responsibility due to some troubles occurred in the family. It not too bad however if there is no love you might be alienated from each other as only responsibility doesn’t replace real feelings between a man and a woman.

  5. He is back because he didn’t manage to cope with the changes in his life. Years spent together affected him so much that it gets too hard for him to be separated from you as he has to live absolutely another life now. The problem is that such situations may repeat not once and he will have to decide what kind of s life he really wants.

  6. You used to be married long ago and decided to reunite again. This one looks like the best case. As we know, a human personality can change completely every 7 years so now you both are different and decided on being together again. You two are complete individuals with priorities set and scheme of values arranged. This way your mutual attraction may surpass the bygones and people can even realize that they were wrong once and start over the totally new relationship.

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