Woman’s folly

I’ve started this blog not so long ago and up to now there’s a huge variety of topics interesting me greatly. But I’ve decided to begin with the most beautiful and controversial creatures in the world without whom life would be boring and flat. I’m talking about women.

I’ve always wondered why there are so many jokes about girls, why they call for a sincere smile and tend to be at some points naive and touching and at some points can make a perfect Fury. It’s just because we all, I mean every woman, have to combine lots of social functions every day together with our family duties and some thoughts that obsess our every minute…It’s hard to stay calm and have a stable pattern of behavior in such conditions, honestly. I know that! This stuff calls for numerous stereotypes widely spread among men of all ages on how women behave and on what they are devoted to. Here I’d like to give a top 5 of them.

  1. Every woman would die for a pair of new branded shoes. True, some of us are really obsessed with new shoes and hunt for every fashionable pair, but, actually, I doubt we do it only for ourselves. We just want to look pretty for you, guys, I’m not kidding!

  2. Every woman would kill for getting a husband. It’s absolutely not true! You can’t even imagine the number of those girls who really admire and value their freedom and would hardly say “Good bye” to it without regret. I’m single now and that doesn’t disturb me at any point!

  3. Dieting. It’s a newcoming modern tendency to be thinner than a stick and it seems that all women are slaved by constant dieting and losing weight. False. Many of us are, actually, trying to diet but that doesn’t make a maximum. The number and variety of women who love themselves just as they are and happy about it is amazing. And again, choosing dieting we don’t always do it for ourselves!

  4. Women have no logic. This seems to have been invented by really not confident men, who don’t understand our obviously existing logic. I know women possess it, I’m sure of it as of the dawn and the midnight.

  5. A woman is a pack of whims and extravagances. Partially, this stereotype is based on some real facts, ’cause many of us stressed by everyday worries and the things-we-should-do stuff can afford being unpredictable and capricious at least at something. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that EVERYTHING we say or do can be called a whim and neglected or ignored. We do say serious and significant things…sometimes.

  6. Women want to rule this world and to be leaders in everything. False. Statistics say that most of autocratic women having some head positions in big companies want to be weak, to be in a subordinate position, to have all the privileges of simple women without a huge career and a bit less ambitious than them. And this is not my point of view, it’s what science says!

All in all, everything written above is of course true, but only at some part) All I wanted to call your attention for, is that being a bit less stereotypical towards a woman is a lot of fun. We really are strange, no, seriously! But there’s no more interesting, tender and funny creature than us. All we need is a tiny flow of understanding and a bit more freedom in our moods. There’s one stereotype which is absolutely true to life: a woman can’t live without a folly;)


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