Ghost-Busters Tours: Top Mysterious Destinations

Do you remember creepy stories about monsters and ghosts that your mom used to tell you when you were a kid? Still excited about the myths and legends, poltergeists and phantoms, medieval spooky castles and fairy tales about the “undead”? Good news: you can witness the mystery in the framework of a regular tour! Europe is literally stuffed with old fortresses and mansions that are perpetually haunted by ghosts. Check the list of the scariest destinations for the real ghost busters below.


The legend about the Count Dracula is probably the most popular horror of all times. It is not a secret that the myth about a cruel vampire Count is based on real facts and has historical references. Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia (another known as Vlad The Impaler) was famous for his cruelty. According to the legends, he killed 100 000 people by impaling them on a sharp pole. His castle is located in Transylvania and welcomes tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), you won’t see the rows of torture’s blades and skeletons in chains hanging down from the ceiling. You will see his collection of weapons, medieval furniture and armors instead, which is not less fascinating. The castle of Dracula has a lot of underground tunnels and labyrinths that are very difficult to navigate, so don’t forget to follow the guide!

Czech Republic

Czech republic is famous for its Gothic buildings inhabited with phantoms of the past. Sychrov Castle is probably one of the most famous among them, mostly due to the legend about a mysterious Black Lady. Czech people believe that the ghost of a former hostess of the castle still lives there and guards her “treasures”. Apparently, the treasures are not all about gold and diamonds but about ancient furniture, paintings and weapons. Another famous ghost is a phantom of a White Lady another known as the Ghost of Perchta of Rozemberk. She was unhappy with her family life and never gained peace even after her death. This ghost was reportedly seen in the castle, wearing white and clanking the keys.


Lake District is a center of paranormal activity in Great Britain. It offers the tourists an unusual amusement called Ghost Hunt. Firstly, you spend a peaceful night in the medieval castle, but the breakfast starts with a real nightmare! You will be proposed to go for a walk in the garden and listen to creepy screams and moans. You can even see the Loch Ness Monster, Hound of The Baskervilles and other famous fictional creatures. Of course, this is all just a show, but it’s definitely worth watching if you area hardcore ghost lover.


Glamis Castle is full of ghosts of all sorts. Thus, you will have a chance to see Janet Douglas, the Lady of Glamis, a noble lady accused of witchcraft and burned alive. They will tell you a story about the Monster of Glamis – an ugly child who was born with awful deformations and kept imprisoned in the castle till the rest of his days. By the way, people say that Master Shakespeare was inspired by these legends and wrote his “Macbeth” after visiting the castle!

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