Are women smarter than men?

To begin with I want to tell you an anecdote. Three pretty ladies are sitting in the cafe, talking about the theory of relativity. Three men enter the cafe.
One of the girls said “Quiet, girls! Let’s discuss sitcoms”.
Since my childhood, my parents persistently instilled in me that a woman could be considered a clever one when she knows how to keep the fact she’s clever to herself, and I just went crazy trying to figure out why I had to hide it when it was good. All my life I find out the articles in the newspapers or magazines that the scientists acknowledged the fact men are smarter than women. I have no idea how they managed to check it, and moreover their methods arouse suspicion. I think that an obvious fact needs no additional arguments and confirmations, and constant researches in this field suppose dubious quality. (Joking!)
Men use a great variety of tricks to prove they are smarter. I’d love to mention a book of an American scholar ‘Beryl Lieff Benderly’, which is called “The myth of two minds”. She points out there that we do not use the original the version of well-known IQ tests and intelligence tests. Initially, the proposed tests have shown that girls and young women as a rule have better results than boys and young men. Then the creators of the test had to change the questions so that they “played up” to the male logic and possible answers.
Thinking about our social system, at school girls mostly do better, they show excellent results and they are a good example for boys. After she gets married her main work is not intellectual, but manual, cooking, knitting, cleaning etc. She needs to be a good support for her husband and children, and quite often she just has no time to develop her ideas and be busy with her career. By the way the scientists found out that men use just 4-5 % of brain cells while women use 7%. One more good thing about women is their intuition. Thanks to intuition, women can find the answer quicker. This is also a great plus, isn’t it?
Well, it’s really hard to show something for or against . This is a serious matter and there has been no answer for centuries. So I think the only way to finish up this article is to use one popular quotation. ‘ Women are smarter than men. Have you ever heard of a woman who lost his head just because a man has beautiful legs?


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