The list of men’s virtues that annoy women most of all

  1. Your resolve and eagerness to solve all her problems.

When she comes to you crying and telling you that her colleagues were rude to her all day, she had a fight with her friend or she tore her dress you shouldn’t start threatening her colleagues, trying to make peace between her and her friends. And please don’t even attempt to sew her dress up.

  1. Your vigorous scrupulousness and being obsessed with putting things in order.

Women would love to see her clothes wrapped in the wardrobe in case she put them there herself and if you are trying to help, you had better go take out the trash. It’s much better if you don’t sort her personal hygiene items out in the bathroom putting them in a straight row as well.

  1. Your talking too much played off as being extra smart.

If she asks you how to install a program on a сomputer you probably should not go into details on how Windows operating system works and what is a CPU or RW memory. Just tell her to click the next button and then finish the process closing the set up window.

  1. Your awareness about women’s physiology.

The love of your life would definitely appreciate if you pretend not to notice your sanitary pads, periods, PMS, hair above her upper lip or some other shortcomings of hers. No one is perfect and you should know that basing on your own experience.

  1. Ostentatious wealth you demonstrate.

She will most likely be embarrassed and feel uncomfortable with you seeing expensive watches on your hand and some clothing items haute couture you are wearing and eventually you will meet only alienation. It’s really depressing for a woman to feel that she is looking like a rat against the background of your perfect appearance despite the fact that she applied a lot of efforts to look like a lady the day you are meeting.

  1. Your obtrusive obsession on healthy life style.

As we stated before, no one is in fact perfect, so teaching your girlfriend how to eat right and what exercises to perform in order to keep fit looks pretty too much, don’t you think? By the way, it’s rather nerdy to be so right when you are aware of the fact that girls are usually attracted to bad boys of no principles.

  1. Your being too laconic as a contrast to talking too much.

Lack of good and easy conversations and even refusing to discuss some latest events or movies can lead to some estrangement and she might go in for dramatics a lot. To prevent it, start being interested in her life and try to understand and share her emotions and you will for sure be rewarded with a kind smile and deep tenderness.

  1. Being too polite and courteous.

You might think it’s good however these days girls like unpredictable and a bit rude guys and sadly, you may seem like a nerd. However it totally depends on the girl you are dating. You shouldn’t try to kiss her hand on a first date just to avoid risk.


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