The World’s Most Unusual Places

There are a lot of unknown places on our planet that still amaze the ones who attended them. These landscapes are so unusual that it easy to think that these are the corners of some other worlds, but not the Earth. The most surprising ones make us remember that our planet will never cease to astonish us with its beauty, giving us more and more mysteries to think about.

The most dry place on the Earth is the desert in Antarctica. There haven’t been any precipitation for the long period of more than several million years. The climate of this place is maximum close to the Mars one, that’s why this is a curious area for NASA. Here the space machines and devices are being tested and the wide research is being carried out. This is the single part of the land here which is not covered with the ice. There is however and underground lake in this desert with the extreme concentration of salt in its ice. In this ice there were found bacteria, which was a collateral evidence that there is life on the Mars.

The Socotra Island has the unique landscapes that remind of the ones seen in the pictures of other planets. This island has been separated from Africa for more than 6 million years. The flora and fauna of this place are endemic and can’t bee seen anywhere else. Though the climate here is hat and dry there are a lot of bright colored flowers ans the other species of plants which are more than 20 million years old.

The Rio Tinto Carrier has the fancy landscape that is similar to the moon one. The carrier is named after the river , which waters flow and wash the ferrates out of the banks. That’s why the water in this year is orange. Earlier there was iron excavated here, but all the works are ceased now and the place is a tourist attraction.

The Spotted Lake in Canada is an awesome view. Depending upon the weather and the season this lake changes its color from light-blue to deep emerald. This lake has the most natrium sylphate saturated waters. The color of the lake is influenced by silver and titanium that are also contained in the water.


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