Must see movies

Movies are considered to be a form of art. Making a movie takes a lot of hard work: a good plot, good equipment and talented cameramen, and of course a good director. Cast matters too, bad actors can spoil everything, but gifted ones can make a good plot even more vivid and interesting. As you can see – creating a movie combines a lot of important aspects. And if everything goes well: the story appeals to the viewers, actors do a good job and it is shot professionally then a movie becomes a legend.

Here I would like to name the movies I believe everyone must see.

1.Scent of a woman (year 1992, the director – Martin Brest).

The movie about the blind retired colonel who decides to spend the last few days of his life in New York in the company of a young man named Charlie. He wants to do it all for the last time: he buys the most expensive room in a hotel, wine and limo and the most beautiful women.

As most of you know, the lead role in the movie (Colonel Frank Slade) belongs to the most incredible and charismatic actor of all times (in my opinion of course) – Al Pacino.

Al Pacino

2.Forrest Gump (year 1994, the director – Robert Zemeckis).

This is a story of a calm retarded boy, who is very friendly and kind in spite of the fact that all the kids are picking at him. He remains a good and naive person even when he becomes a millionaire. He loves a girl who he knew when he was a child, but she doesn’t love him in the same way.

The main Character, Forrest Gump, is played by a well-known and a very talented actor – Tom Hanks.

3.Apocalypto (year 2006, the director – Mel Gibson) .

The movie is about the great and mighty empire Maya before the invasion of Spanish conquistadors. It is about their everyday life, mysterious rituals and wars between the neighboring tribes, about loyalty and courage.

The part of the main character got little-known actor Rudy Youngblood.

4.The Godfather 1&2 (year 1972, the director – Francis Ford Coppola).

This is a criminal saga about Sicilian mafia. The powerful clan Corleone almost loses its head – Don Corleone, the Godfather (murderous assault). One of his sons, Michael, has to get involved with the family business even though it was not what he wanted.

The main part in the movie – that of a Godfather belongs to the actor named Marlon Brando.

5.Gone with the Wind (year 1939, the director – Victor Fleming).

This is the unbelievable love story during the Civil War. This movie is admired by the several generations of viewers. Even though it is very old, the new movie still wasn’t shot.

Choose the quality movies to watch, my friends, don’t waste time watching meaningless pictures that don’t change anything in your views, that don’t move you and don’t make you think. If you haven’t watched one or two movies from the mentioned above, do it as soon as you can.


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