Music Which Tells Stories

If somebody ask me to what kind of music I like to listen, I will be silent for a minute or two, then for another couple of minutes and then, may be, for a little more time, as I have no idea what to answer to this question. I listen to different music genres depending on my mood, time of day, state of health and so on. However, most often I download to my play list the melodies which I have heard in the movie I like. Good soundtrack becomes an essential part of the film story, and when you listen to this music separated from the film your imagination recreates the scenes you’ve recently enjoyed and add to them your personal memories. It is this process of creating stories that I like most in music, that’s why I consider soundtracks to be my personal music genre.

One of my favorite films is “American Beauty”, the story, complicated in its simplicity and followed by an excellent soundtrack written by Thomas Newman, a well-known composer in the worlds of cinematographic art. The movie is full of shades and half-hints which can not be described with words, but the music helps to feel these subtleties. Thomas Newman is famous also for the soundtrack to “Meet Joe Black”, which impressed me much by its symphonic orchestration theme as it sounded somber and reflective. Another work of Newman which, I believe, you all know, is for the film “The Green Mile”. This composer presents unique style in music, his melodies are always discoveries and he recreates them using different modes, making them sound different and tell different stories.

In the list of my favorite soundtracks a special place belongs to “Amelie”. This film is full of light, smiles, little miracles, love and tenderness, and the music written by Yann Tiersen plays a significant role in creating this effect. The instrumentation, especially solo piano, matches the story perfectly. It sounds like flirt or French kiss, if these things had voices. When I listen to these songs I remember the light and positive atmosphere of the film and start daydreaming like the main heroine.

There is one composer I want to mention without associating him with any particular film. Is Danny Elfman and he is famous for his work in tandem with Tim Burton. Elfman creates his own universe of sound, which is sometimes sad, something mocking, but always touching. His most famous works include the soundtracks to Burton’s films “Sleepy Hallow”, “Big Fish”, “Edward Scissorhands”. Burton uses the atmosphere of scary fairy-tales in his movies, and Elfman reflects this theme in his mysterious melodies. This music is good for a kind of evening when you stay alone at home and it is already dark outside, and you want to release the power of your imagination and dive in some secret dark world.

As for the professional singers who play and sing in the movies, like Britney Spears in “Crossroads” or Mariah Carry in “Glitter”, I have to admit that I am not a fan of them. The only exception is “Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston and her extremely beautiful songs.


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