Spirituality in modern society

Some people tend to think that modern society lacks for spirituality. Why so? Well, our life is comfortable indeed. You may do whatever you want and get whatever you want if you try to. Pleasures of life are attractive. We want to buy as many things as possible. It should be admitted that people are obsessed with material values. They have no time to spend it with the family and friends. People want to make more money. It is their aim as the rule. We are offered so many things we want to own. But if you want to get something then you need to work hard. And it is an endless circle. We try to provide our families, we want to live happy life. But it happens quite often that we forget about our spiritual life. Some people are ready to do everything for money as money is everything for them. Money change people enormously. I have noticed that people who are at the top they are more arrogant and unprincipled. Why so? Well, everything is quite simple. They are rich and prosperous and they have nothing in common with others. Unfortunately it happens even to our dear friends. Quite often people become jealous and envious. It concerns those who have nothing and want to do nothing to change the situation. As you can see we are affected by money. Sometimes we do not need much money but we are ready to do everything for money just we want to be superior to others. And I wonder once again what for do we need it? Such things as love, respect, commitment, faith, friendship are impossible to buy. You may have everything you want then what? I mean what for?

I do respect people who work hard and who have aims in their lives. It is wonderful indeed. I do not want to seem to be conservative. But I do not understand their senseless lives. I wonder if rich people are happy and satisfied with their loves? It turns out often that they are not. I suppose it happens only because of lack for spirituality. How to change the situation? If you want to change it for the better then you may start from mediation. I’m sure you have heard about it many times and anyway it would help you to still your mind. It changes people’s nature. Just stop for a moment and try to answer the question, “Where am I running to? What for? Do I really need it?”. Just try to relax and free from all the troubles in your life. It doesn’t mean you should quit your job. I mean you should change your mind for the better. Try to change your attitude to everything that surrounds you. Be more patient and calm. Enjoy your life.


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