Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Sometimes it is difficult to express your gratitude to your man. A man supports his family, does his best, but often it happens that instead of gratitude he hears just demands, accusations and claims. And these husbands could finally leave such wives. The question is: why don’t women believe in their men?

Women’s gratitude is a hidden power that can work wonders. It inspires and heartens to do more. To do more for a woman, who knows how to thank. For every action or gift. For the fact you they are together. And a man should be thanked 10 times stronger than he really deserves, and then that moment comes when he will do 100 times more for his woman in response to her gratitude.

Now let’s see the ways a woman can express her gratitude to her man.

-saying warm words, compliments and words of praise

-talking to his mother or father, praise him the way he vaguely could hear everything

-be in good mood and keep your house clean

-prepare a delicious dinner

-change your haircut, put on more make-up, buy erotic lingerie

-write him a letter or a card with warm words

-buying him something he was dreaming about for a long time, but didn’t have time to choose ( a good tie or camera lenses)

-make a relaxing massage

-dance an erotic dance

-have good sex

Women should keep in mind that the world of men isn’t that refined and delicate, as a female one. So if you want to express your gratitude, you’d better choose that words which won’t deprive your husband masculinity. Calling him a “kitty” or a “pussycat” you risk to lose your man.

Compliments and good words should emphasize his masculine qualities such as strength, courage and responsibility. If you say you are the happiest woman because you are with him, it will probably be the best thing for a man, because if a woman is happy, there is peace and harmony in her family.


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  1. Nice summary. Also I’d recommend looking at the book, “The 5 Languages of Love” (and it’s less-known corollary: “The 5 Languages of Apology”), which may not focus on gender so much as different ways people communicate. (If we assume everyone communicates the same way we do: then that can lead to resentment and alienation…)

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