Places Where the Dreams Come True

People travel to have fun or to see something new, to get new impressions or just relax and make a break from their usual life. However, traveling can be used for one more, not less interesting purpose, that is, making your dreams come true. There are places in the world which are said to have a magical power. Whether you believe in it or just curious you should try to make a wish in one of the following places.

If you by any chance will be in Italian town Verona, go to Via Capello, 23 where the statue of Juliet is situated. You should touch the right breast of the bronze statue and ask for love, and it will give you strong mutual feelings. On the walls of the house of Capello family, which is believed to be a prototype of famous Capuletti, people leave notes with their wishes. However, as the amount of these notes was growing every year the government of Verona offered new service – now you can write a letter to Juliet and ask her for mutual love.

The bridges of Suzhou in Henan, China, can give you financial prosperity and successful carrier. Suzhou is called Eastern Venice as it has a great amount of channels and about 200 bridges. There are a Bridge of Carrier, a Bridge of Peace, a Bridge of Prosperity. The most famous one is the Bridge of Precious Belt. If you throw a coin or some decoration into the water from this bridge you will be provided with financial prosperity, or at least the legend says so.

The Well of Death in Chichen Itza, Mexico was used for making sacrifices. Maya threw beautiful virgins in it and asked for rain. On the bottom of this well a great number of skeletons as well as different precious things were found. Of course, there is no sacrificing here any more, but people still visit this notorious place and throw coins in this well to make their dreams come true.


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