Women of unusual jobs

It happens so that due to some reasons women just can’t do this or that job. In the 19th century women could hardly dream about doing some things and getting a job. They just didn’t have rights in comparison with men. Women were accepted as capable of cooking, cleaning and bringing up children. Fortunately times have changed and nowadays women have equal rights with men. Almost equal. Well, I’m sure that feminists wouldn’t support me at all. Feminists still struggle for establishing equal economic and social rights for weaker sex along with defining equal rights for getting proper education. Good for them. I don’t mind.

But anyway things have changed for the better. And for me the glass is half full. Education and self-development are available and in many countries women can achieve as much as men can. It should be admitted that it took not much time to get the rights and become socially equal with men. So we should be thankful to what women have managed to get by the time and stop complaining every time. Deeds are greater than words.

There are still lots of problems. For example, often women are paid less than men doing the same job. In some countries, especially Islamic, African and in developing as well, the situation is terrible. It is said that even though women in Islam have a right to work this fact shouldn’t neglect her initial role as a mother and wife. Of course it depends on the country. In some places women have more rights as it happens in Indonesia.

Due to social and other reasons there are still jobs forbidden to women even in developed countries. At the same time many women can do very unusual jobs.

Among them are female astronauts and cosmonauts. I must be very conservative but I still think that women are intended for other jobs to do. But of course it’s not my deal at all. Geraldine Cobb was the first American woman participating in astronaut testing in 1959. Women’s program was canceled by the NASA but nevertheless this fact was groundbreaking. Later in 1963 Soviet woman Valentina Tereshkova was the first female astronaut flew to the Space. Since that time things completely changed and many women became cosmonauts. They must be very brave women indeed.

Today women do whatever they want and almost nothing stops them. For example, women practice development engineering. It means that you are obliged to manage “the trade-offs between ride qualities and handling responsiveness, in addition to steering calibration and feel”. That’s pretty extraordinary choice.

Another unusual job women can do is underwater film making and photographing. Photographing is OK, but this job means you have to dive inside frozen caves, lava tubes and even icebergs. I suppose that it requires special physical skills and trainings. Nevertheless some women are not afraid of any difficulties and ready to dive in very unusual places. It is challenging indeed.

Some women prefer to maintain the order in society and decide to work in the police. It is one of the most dangerous professions. You never know what you should expect doing such kind of job. It is also requires special physical and psychological skills. To tell the truth, I admire such women. They are ready to sacrifice their lives. Not many can do it, even not all men.

So there are no boundaries in their ways no matter what their gender, race or religion is.


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