Alarm Signals of Your Body

Hiccup, cardiopalmus, red eyes, pain present not only unpleasant problems you should deal with, but also the signs that something is wrong with your health, provided by your body. You should pay attention to these alarm signals in order to take the measures of precaution in time.

Hiccup is a phenomenon which all of us have encountered. In most cases its “visits” are harmless – it appears out of the blue and disappears in the same manner. It is a specific reaction of your body on the irritation of so-called pneumogastric nerve which results in contractions in the diaphragm. The most common reasons of hiccupping are irregular meals, overeating, drinking water in huge amounts and supercooling. To get rid of hiccup try one of the following methods:

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7 reasons to have twins.

All the parents of twins confess there’s nothing better than having two babies who were born with a difference of a few minutes. If you have recently joined this elite club of twin parents, and it’s still hard for you to find the pluses in it, there are seven reasons to take a fresh look at this situation.

First of all, you’ll save money. It sounds unbelievable, but that’s true. Some supermarkets offer special discounts for families with many children, especially for parents of twins and triplets. So you can buy at a discount such necessary goods as diapers, paper napkins and towels, food for babies, cradles and cribs, children’s books and training manuals, etc.

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