7 reasons to have twins.

All the parents of twins confess there’s nothing better than having two babies who were born with a difference of a few minutes. If you have recently joined this elite club of twin parents, and it’s still hard for you to find the pluses in it, there are seven reasons to take a fresh look at this situation.

First of all, you’ll save money. It sounds unbelievable, but that’s true. Some supermarkets offer special discounts for families with many children, especially for parents of twins and triplets. So you can buy at a discount such necessary goods as diapers, paper napkins and towels, food for babies, cradles and cribs, children’s books and training manuals, etc.

Then, if you planned to have two children years before, but didn’t think about twins, you’re lucky to cut a number of tortures and troubles while bringing up. You’ll change diapers, sing lullaby, feed and scold two babies at once! The same is with clothes. You won’t break your head thinking about size and form. At least 10 first years you can buy two same set of clothes for your children.

One more pleasant moment is that nobody will pester you with the questions about the next baby. Everything is so obvious!

And then, your baby will never be lonely. Twins don’t need to be entertained – they entertain each other. It’s very convenient, as you will have time for housework or some other things. A twin has a loyal built-in best friend for life, a companion to play and a collocutor since the very birth. It would be way harder to create games interesting for uneven-aged children.

Be ready to feel like a superstar. With a double baby carriage on the street you’ll attract much attention. But it’s pleasant!

School will be much easier because twins get to help one another on homework or school tasks. Twins are always popular among the others. Your kids will never be ignored. People always want to make friends with them, your twins will be well-known at school, workplace, or in any place they appear in.

So, nobody says it’s easy to bring up twins. But you’ll forget about all difficulties having a look at your babies and getting a double dose of love, hugs and kisses. And the most pleasant thing in the world is when you two children kiss you. At the same time.


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