Alarm Signals of Your Body

Hiccup, cardiopalmus, red eyes, pain present not only unpleasant problems you should deal with, but also the signs that something is wrong with your health, provided by your body. You should pay attention to these alarm signals in order to take the measures of precaution in time.

Hiccup is a phenomenon which all of us have encountered. In most cases its “visits” are harmless – it appears out of the blue and disappears in the same manner. It is a specific reaction of your body on the irritation of so-called pneumogastric nerve which results in contractions in the diaphragm. The most common reasons of hiccupping are irregular meals, overeating, drinking water in huge amounts and supercooling. To get rid of hiccup try one of the following methods:

-drink a cup of warm tea in small gulps

– say a tongue-twister in one breath

– practice breathing exercises. For example, you can take a deep breath, hold your breath and perform several squatting.

There is no universal way to get rid of hiccups, so you should find the method which will be the best for you. The main thing is to distract your nervous system. However, if hiccupping continues for more than three hours or it occurs several times a week, it is time to visit a physician as hiccups can be a symptom of a number of diseases of your digestive tract.

Tachycardia is another alarming sign that some parts of your body are not well. In some cases it is caused by cardio-vascular diseases but sometimes it is just your life style which leads to tachycardia. If you feel it after fast walk, aerobic exercises or other kinds of physical activity you should slow down. Take a deep breath and send the stream of air downwards. You should also refuse from coffee, coca-cola and chocolate. Do not eat on the run and do not worry – let your body have a rest from time to time.

If your eyes become red it means that the blood vessels got wider due to the extreme load. You should let your eyes relax. If you spend much time in front of the computer, look away from it sometimes in order to moisten your eyes and remove tension. Pay attention to sound night sleep – it should last no less than eight hours. Make a cold compress – it will help to narrow blood vessels. If you have removed all factors of irritation, but your eyes remain red, it may be the sign of allergy or infection, so you should apply to a specialist.

If you feel stitching in your side it may caused by a number of reasons as your stomach, spleen, pancreas are all situated there. If you feel pain after eating something fat or drinking alcohol, the problem is, most likely, with your pancreas. You can take enzyme medicine as a kind of first aid. If it is your right side which hurts, you should visit a hepatologist as this pain means that something is wrong with your liver.


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