Why do we paint?

We all value arts, enjoy beautiful paintings and magnificent buildings. But have you ever thought about why people have this need: to draw, to create beautiful music, to write poems? Of course the obvious answer is: to express themselves. But it is more than that. There is a plenty of reasons to create masterpieces or just do armature art for pleasure.

Here are the reasons that make people take a pencil or a brash and create wonderful pictures.

1. To show affection. Sometimes we draw the people we love. Remember the famous scene from Titanic? It was romantic and even epic if you will.

If it is a fan art, it lets people to open the gates and let their feelings speak, they draw singers / bands / actors and actresses or favorite video games characters, and put all the affection in their work.

2. We draw what we want to see or have. If you crave for adventures and wanderlust is eating your soul, you can draw a beautiful beach, blue waves of the ocean, far-away countries, and the lights of a city at night.

You can draw your parents if you miss them or you can draw a child if you want to have children.

3. To pour all the feelings out. If you feel happy, you can paint your happiness in bright beautiful colors, and you will remember this mood forever as it will be with you as a painting.

If you are feeling depressed, you can pour it out too. Envy, pain, frustration are the monsters that eat a person alive. Sometimes we need to get rid of them, tame them. One can replace them from their soul onto the painting and hide it or burn it. Or keep as a memory: it may remind you that even the hardest days are going to be over.


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  1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog!
    “Which methods do you mostly use to share the news about the fact that you provided a brand new entry to this website?”

    Well I basically just write a separate post telling what I made up and just a head’s up on my readers out there. Does that answer your question?

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