Why Do Women Cry

Tears are the feminine weapon and means of protection. The tears of woman may irritate, stupefy or attract men. Women have learned to use the power of their cry wisely since the beginning of civilization. But they never cry without any reason even if everything seems to be all right. There always exists some emotional impulse that makes women shed tears.

It may seem to you surprising but the constant readiness to cry has the simple scientific explanation. The blood of a feminine organism contains the hormone called prolactin. It is responsible for tear liquid evolving and producing of milk during the lactation period. The male body contains testosteron which reduces the amount of tears produced.

Since childhood each girl is engaged to cry as it eases her emotional tension. Crying provides not only the psychological comforting but also the cleaning of the organism. The chemical content of tears is characterized by the presence of distress hormone. In that way the toxic substances which are being produced during the tension or emotional breakdown are removed from the body. After crying a woman usually feels relief.

The nature of a woman presupposes high empathy level and intense emotional response to every slightest event in their lives. A traditional gender role of a woman is to keep the family and taking care of children and husband. Consequently she can’t stay indifferent towards anyone. She is aimed to soothe upset children, support the irritated men and treat the ill animals.

Many people think that a woman is weaker than a man. However that is not true. The ability to bear the intense emotional strain of women is far better than the men stamina. That is why from time to time women tend to reduce the tension by shedding tears. It is a wife who supports her husband and inspires him to performs acts of bravery. Sometimes woman get offended as they consider their husbands to lack emotional attitude and to be too closed and thick-skinned. And their offense makes them cry. But in spite of that women keep waiting for attention and affection from their husbands. Women are considered to be too sentimental sometimes. But is they were more cold-hearted the whole world would be violent and cruel. The mild nature of women melts the men hearts and makes them protect and take care of them.

And of course women cry when they are happy. The strong feeling of happiness is also a stress for them and the feminine body need to release the strain and get rid of the stress hormones. Girls and women don’t tend to take things easy and the pleasant experience may appear to be quite profound to them so that a mere laughter or a smile would not be enough.

If you find your mother, wife of daughter crying and sobbing don’t be angry with them or laugh at their weakness. Share their sorrows and happiness. If you will show more interest in their emotional state you will help them to find the psychological balance.

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