Why Do Women Cry

Tears are the feminine weapon and means of protection. The tears of woman may irritate, stupefy or attract men. Women have learned to use the power of their cry wisely since the beginning of civilization. But they never cry without any reason even if everything seems to be all right. There always exists some emotional impulse that makes women shed tears.

It may seem to you surprising but the constant readiness to cry has the simple scientific explanation. The blood of a feminine organism contains the hormone called prolactin. It is responsible for tear liquid evolving and producing of milk during the lactation period. The male body contains testosteron which reduces the amount of tears produced.

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7 reasons to have twins.

All the parents of twins confess there’s nothing better than having two babies who were born with a difference of a few minutes. If you have recently joined this elite club of twin parents, and it’s still hard for you to find the pluses in it, there are seven reasons to take a fresh look at this situation.

First of all, you’ll save money. It sounds unbelievable, but that’s true. Some supermarkets offer special discounts for families with many children, especially for parents of twins and triplets. So you can buy at a discount such necessary goods as diapers, paper napkins and towels, food for babies, cradles and cribs, children’s books and training manuals, etc.

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Why Ex Husbands Return

There are a lot of cases when an ex husband is back to the family after some time. We usually believe that returning to the past leads to nothing good at all as it is a step backwards which means absolutely no improvement in life. However husbands that earlier slipped away keep coming back. Why are they doing this? Is it possible to fix the broken relationship?

Some of us may go through such a situation when he is gone for good and after a while he is coming back. It is always really hard to forgive such a betrayal and it takes a lot of patience and understanding to do this.

Let us examine several possible reasons why the husband would go away.

  1. He just needs some time to reconsider his life and adjust priorities. Being alone for some time he is able to think it over and make decisions. Emotional crisis is an average thing that happens sometimes to mature men.

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