Alarm Signals of Your Body

Hiccup, cardiopalmus, red eyes, pain present not only unpleasant problems you should deal with, but also the signs that something is wrong with your health, provided by your body. You should pay attention to these alarm signals in order to take the measures of precaution in time.

Hiccup is a phenomenon which all of us have encountered. In most cases its “visits” are harmless – it appears out of the blue and disappears in the same manner. It is a specific reaction of your body on the irritation of so-called pneumogastric nerve which results in contractions in the diaphragm. The most common reasons of hiccupping are irregular meals, overeating, drinking water in huge amounts and supercooling. To get rid of hiccup try one of the following methods:

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Women of unusual jobs

It happens so that due to some reasons women just can’t do this or that job. In the 19th century women could hardly dream about doing some things and getting a job. They just didn’t have rights in comparison with men. Women were accepted as capable of cooking, cleaning and bringing up children. Fortunately times have changed and nowadays women have equal rights with men. Almost equal. Well, I’m sure that feminists wouldn’t support me at all. Feminists still struggle for establishing equal economic and social rights for weaker sex along with defining equal rights for getting proper education. Good for them. I don’t mind.

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Are women smarter than men?

To begin with I want to tell you an anecdote. Three pretty ladies are sitting in the cafe, talking about the theory of relativity. Three men enter the cafe.
One of the girls said “Quiet, girls! Let’s discuss sitcoms”.
Since my childhood, my parents persistently instilled in me that a woman could be considered a clever one when she knows how to keep the fact she’s clever to herself, and I just went crazy trying to figure out why I had to hide it when it was good. All my life I find out the articles in the newspapers or magazines that the scientists acknowledged the fact men are smarter than women. I have no idea how they managed to check it, and moreover their methods arouse suspicion. I think that an obvious fact needs no additional arguments and confirmations, and constant researches in this field suppose dubious quality. (Joking!)
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