Woman’s folly

I’ve started this blog not so long ago and up to now there’s a huge variety of topics interesting me greatly. But I’ve decided to begin with the most beautiful and controversial creatures in the world without whom life would be boring and flat. I’m talking about women.

I’ve always wondered why there are so many jokes about girls, why they call for a sincere smile and tend to be at some points naive and touching and at some points can make a perfect Fury. It’s just because we all, I mean every woman, have to combine lots of social functions every day together with our family duties and some thoughts that obsess our every minute…It’s hard to stay calm and have a stable pattern of behavior in such conditions, honestly. I know that! This stuff calls for numerous stereotypes widely spread among men of all ages on how women behave and on what they are devoted to. Here I’d like to give a top 5 of them.

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