Women of unusual jobs

It happens so that due to some reasons women just can’t do this or that job. In the 19th century women could hardly dream about doing some things and getting a job. They just didn’t have rights in comparison with men. Women were accepted as capable of cooking, cleaning and bringing up children. Fortunately times have changed and nowadays women have equal rights with men. Almost equal. Well, I’m sure that feminists wouldn’t support me at all. Feminists still struggle for establishing equal economic and social rights for weaker sex along with defining equal rights for getting proper education. Good for them. I don’t mind.

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Places Where the Dreams Come True

People travel to have fun or to see something new, to get new impressions or just relax and make a break from their usual life. However, traveling can be used for one more, not less interesting purpose, that is, making your dreams come true. There are places in the world which are said to have a magical power. Whether you believe in it or just curious you should try to make a wish in one of the following places.

If you by any chance will be in Italian town Verona, go to Via Capello, 23 where the statue of Juliet is situated. You should touch the right breast of the bronze statue and ask for love, and it will give you strong mutual feelings. On the walls of the house of Capello family, which is believed to be a prototype of famous Capuletti, people leave notes with their wishes. However, as the amount of these notes was growing every year the government of Verona offered new service – now you can write a letter to Juliet and ask her for mutual love.

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Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Sometimes it is difficult to express your gratitude to your man. A man supports his family, does his best, but often it happens that instead of gratitude he hears just demands, accusations and claims. And these husbands could finally leave such wives. The question is: why don’t women believe in their men?

Women’s gratitude is a hidden power that can work wonders. It inspires and heartens to do more. To do more for a woman, who knows how to thank. For every action or gift. For the fact you they are together. And a man should be thanked 10 times stronger than he really deserves, and then that moment comes when he will do 100 times more for his woman in response to her gratitude.
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Spirituality in modern society

Some people tend to think that modern society lacks for spirituality. Why so? Well, our life is comfortable indeed. You may do whatever you want and get whatever you want if you try to. Pleasures of life are attractive. We want to buy as many things as possible. It should be admitted that people are obsessed with material values. They have no time to spend it with the family and friends. People want to make more money. It is their aim as the rule. We are offered so many things we want to own. But if you want to get something then you need to work hard. And it is an endless circle. We try to provide our families, we want to live happy life. But it happens quite often that we forget about our spiritual life. Some people are ready to do everything for money as money is everything for them. Money change people enormously. I have noticed that people who are at the top they are more arrogant and unprincipled. Why so? Well, everything is quite simple. They are rich and prosperous and they have nothing in common with others. Unfortunately it happens even to our dear friends. Quite often people become jealous and envious. It concerns those who have nothing and want to do nothing to change the situation. As you can see we are affected by money. Sometimes we do not need much money but we are ready to do everything for money just we want to be superior to others. And I wonder once again what for do we need it? Such things as love, respect, commitment, faith, friendship are impossible to buy. You may have everything you want then what? I mean what for?

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7 Ugliest Mouths In Animal World

Myxine’s “Alien” Mouth

Myxine is a genus of hugfish. Its voracity is a big problem for fishermen because these worm-like creatures swallow everything they see including the fish in the nets. As ironic as it may sound, myxines don’t use their ugly teeth to eat every time. They can absorb the food through their skin, so oftentimes they just swim around some dead fish and absorb its “yummy” ptomaine.

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Music Which Tells Stories

If somebody ask me to what kind of music I like to listen, I will be silent for a minute or two, then for another couple of minutes and then, may be, for a little more time, as I have no idea what to answer to this question. I listen to different music genres depending on my mood, time of day, state of health and so on. However, most often I download to my play list the melodies which I have heard in the movie I like. Good soundtrack becomes an essential part of the film story, and when you listen to this music separated from the film your imagination recreates the scenes you’ve recently enjoyed and add to them your personal memories. It is this process of creating stories that I like most in music, that’s why I consider soundtracks to be my personal music genre.

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Must see movies

Movies are considered to be a form of art. Making a movie takes a lot of hard work: a good plot, good equipment and talented cameramen, and of course a good director. Cast matters too, bad actors can spoil everything, but gifted ones can make a good plot even more vivid and interesting. As you can see – creating a movie combines a lot of important aspects. And if everything goes well: the story appeals to the viewers, actors do a good job and it is shot professionally then a movie becomes a legend.

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